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How to's for dealing with the many issues that come up throughout your business day.
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Don't Just Survive Your First Week. Kill It!

Hey. New guy. Use these 10 tips to avoid first-week blunders.

It's About Balance: 9 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Here are nine quick tips to reduce daily stress at work, so you can enjoy the balance of life you were meant to live.

Quit Your Complaining

Feel underpaid? Overworked? Unappreciated? Honestly, griping about it just makes everyone around you miserable--and can really undermine your career progression. Here are five things you should stop complaining about at work, and five positive things you should do instead.

Laughing for Health

Laughing for Health

Don't Be A Wallflower--How to Overcome Shyness at Work

Whether you've been on the job for years, or are just starting in a new position, shyness can severely undermine your professional success. But your situation isn't hopeless--you just need the right tools! Use these ideas to come out of your shell, achieve more, and even use your natural personality to your advantage.

Productivity Tips: What's Out? Multitasking. What's In? Mindfulness!

Multitasking used to be the name of the game. The more you could do at once, the more productive you were thought to be.

Every day, we juggle multiple devices along with multiple responsibilities. It's ironic that with all of these productivity tools at our fingertips--laptops, tablets and smartphones--we're less productive than ever.

How to Find More Time In Your Work Day

Surveys conducted throughout the United States have found that the average employee admits to wasting approximately two hours out of every eight-hour work day. This does not include lunch and other scheduled breaks. If you find that you don't have enough time to get your work done, it may be because you're wasting more time than you realize.

The Seven Worst Communication Habits

The good news is that if you know what some of the nastier, poor-communication habits are, you can become more mindful and look for ways to increase your skillfulness. The positive results can be seen in interpersonal interactions as well as improvements in the quality of your marketing communications and networking.

So what are some of the worst communication habits? Here are seven candidates.

Bored at Work? Shake it Up!

Whatever the reason, most of us get down on our jobs at one point or another. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are five quick ways to bring instant improvement to your workday.

Impressing Executives: Four ways to build credibility and influence

Building influence and credibility means not always having to say "Yes." Being too eager to please can be bad for your reputation--and your career.
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